Wandering Traveler



You're feeling a little lost and wondering whether there's more to life than what meets the eye

Your self-discovery journey is well underway and now you're ready to explore new ways of seeing the world and yourself

You've glimpsed the true nature of reality and are excited to continue deeper exploration




on  the  self   discovery  journey:


You may
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Things you might be experiencing right now:

Dissatisfaction with your job or relationships

Feeling like something is missing from your life, but not sure what

Lacking fulfillment and unsure how to find it

Wondering what the purpose of life is (there has to be more, right?)

If this sounds like you,
then we have a lot in common

I've been there. In fact, I had every single one of those feelings at the beginning of my self-discovery journey. 

And I handled it badly. Really badly.

I thrashed around, ended relationships, tried to change jobs, and felt deeply frustrated with myself for still feeling unhappy after all of that.

Feeling lost and not knowing which direction to go next can be a really scary feeling. But don't fret just yet.

Along my journey, I found some amazing resources that helped me gain a lot of clarity and I'd love to share them with you.

my  journey

and / or

then  read

Just need a general feel-good,
pick-me-up kinda book to get you motivated


take the quiz

Looking for insight on your personality and the things that make you happy 

then read

find out if you have a growth mindset or fixed mindset

take the quiz and

If you're feeling stuck or like you just can't seem to get a win right now

then this is a MUST read

If you just ended a significant relationship or you are considering ending one

free course

How to Make confident decisions using your Intuition & a simple spreadsheet


If you're unsure about making a major change (like leaving your current job or moving to a new city)

Your Path Ahead

resources  for

Ready to go deeper?

All of the above will likely help you find stronger footing on your current path, but if you're ready to explore beyond what we can see with our eyes, the following books are my absolute favorites when it comes to taking the first steps on a spiritual path. 

They are all wonderful; choose the one that speaks to you.

The Seat of the soul by gary zukav

Journey of souls by Michael Newton

The Untethered soul by Michael A. Singer

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