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If you're wondering why the life you've created no longer seems to fit and need clarity on what to do next, 
I can help you design your path forward.

You have the 

My life looked great 'on paper,'
but it wasn't filling me with the joy that I knew I could feel.

I woke up one day and found myself asking:


I realized that I had spent my whole life following someone else's plan, checking the boxes on a list that someone else had created. When I finally stopped to ask myself:


I was surprised that I didn't know how to answer the question.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great life. It was one that I was proud of but I wasn't sure that it was one I wanted to continue investing in. 

What the heck do I do now?

So I embarked on a journey to "find myself," and let me tell you, is wasn't easy. It was rough. It was scary. I made TONS of mistakes and hurt a lot of people along the way. But the one thing that helped me navigate the whole emotional roller-coaster ride was my Soul Therapist and Coach, Dr. Bren Hudson. If it weren't for her guidance, I would've remained lost and anxious for who-knows-how-long. 

And that's when I remembered that in the heroine/hero's journey, after the call the adventure (aka my spiritual awakening), the heroine meets a mentor/guide who arrives to assist them on their path towards personal growth and greater fulfillment.

So what does that journey look like? And what type of guidance do you need along the way?

Learn how to trust and surrender to the flow of the Universe to discover even more synchronicity and miracles.

Learn to live in flow


Armed with your purpose and a clearer vision for the future, it's time to create a new reality that aligns with your soul's deepest desires.

A LIFE you love


You know deep down that you are meant to do great things. As you shed old patterns, you can begin to reconnect with your inner knowing and remember your soul's calling for this lifetime. 




So much of who we think we are is based on the expectations of society and our families. It's time to recognize and release old patterns so that you can discovery who you truly are and what lights your soul up. 



the  path  to  creating  a  life  you  love




When working with clients, I leverage a combination  of

Help you reconnect with your intuition

Learn more about what makes you unique
(and why the standard life path may not quite fit for you)

Understand what it is you truly want and WHY you want it

Design a strategy (HOW) to achieve your goals

Create a plan (WHAT) and timeline (WHEN) to help you achieve them

Learn how to adjust your plans to meet your evolving intentions and goals 




ALign +  PLAN + Flow

my  mantra:


Working with me

hi  there!

Over the last six years, I've explored so many avenues of self-discovery, personal transformation, and spiritual growth and what I've learned is that there is no single path to happiness. Before you can create your path to happiness and fulfillment, you have to remember what lights you up and why you're here.

I'm so passionate about helping people discover their higher purpose because I deeply believe that if each of us aligns with our soul's calling and shares our unique gifts with the world, we can transform and elevate humanity.

As an avid reader and life-long learner, I'll share all of the tools, tips, and tricks that I've  learned on my own journey to purpose. 

And as a former Fortune 500 executive, I bring my strategy and planning experience into my coaching work so that I can help you design a path forward that is both based on a simple process and is tailored to your specific needs.

I'm Bindi Belanger

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ready  to  create  your  path  foward


what it's like to work with me

My work with Bindi has been incredibly helpful in both my personal and professional life. Her approach is compassionate and empathetic, and she always has a way of helping to re-shape my perspective so that I can approach challenging situations with more openness and peace.

She has helped me to better understand my unique skills and passions through self discovery, and define how to turn these realizations into tangible paths forward.

Bindi is also a wealth of knowledge and provides additional support by sharing tools and resources so that I can further my growth outside our sessions. My work with Bindi has made an incredibly positive impact on my life and I am so grateful to have her as a support and guide!

Margaret P.

If you ever get the chance to learn from Bindi, say YES.

I knew Bindi in her former life when she was a Tech Executive. And while she was always successful and impressive, seeing her tap into what lights up her soul (bringing mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality to all of us) is beyond inspiring.

She has such an incredible way of taking highly complex concepts and scientific research and breaking it down into easily understandable frameworks. And her guided meditations are incredible - she definitely has the voice for this work. Thank you, Bindi, for sharing your light with all of us! 

Natalie Underdown, PhD

Bindi is an absolute delight to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with her in multiple capacities which is a tribute to her versatile skill set. I worked with her while she was an executive in Tech, she partnered on people program work to help drive direction and clarity, and I have watched her coach tough leaders on how to be successful.

Bindi has the kind of presence that disarms you, makes you feel accepted and comfortable, she is curious and thoughtful, and loves to explore fundamental drivers that are creating results. You will never find someone more thorough - with an eye for aesthetics and details, and with the capacity to explore deeper rooted issues and help you drive to the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. It has been a pleasure to work with her in any capacity - she is the true blend of professional and soulful. If you have a chance to work with her don’t pass it up! 

Julia K.


All sessions are online via Zoom unless other arrangements are made prior to booking.

why   journey   alone   when   you   can   be   guided  


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